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Release :     4th Sept, 2020

Cast      :    Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Tzi Ma, Jason Scott Lee , Yoson An Ron Yuan, Gong Li

Director :   Niki Caro

Production Company : Walt Disney Pictures

Run Time: 115 minutes

Available on : Disney+

Country   :  United State

Language : English

    Walt Disney Pictures company produced live action movie Mulan remake of their own animated movie Mulan which was released in 1998. Mulan was scheduled to release on 27 March 2020 but causes of COVID-19 it was postponed. And finally Disney released this movie on their own Streaming platform Disney+ . But they still didn't release it on Display+ Hotstar. Starting of this movie is i found like Akshay Kumar's Singh is King just for opening scene. This movies shows us women power. It tells about a lady can do more than or equivalent to men. Lead character Hua Mulan was played by Lui Yifei with her perfection skill. She makes audiences connected for whole movie. In this movie attacked in imperial city of central China by Northern China's emperor Bori Khan (Jason Scott lee) with help of witch (Gong Li). Then emperor (Jet li) of Central China decided to increase Imperial Army. And send order letters to every village to provide one man from every family for Imperial Army. But in Mulan's family there is no boy except her father. And her father was former army. He fought for nation and his leg was fractured. So that Mulan decided to go for Army and she took his father sword, armor at midnight she leaves home and she joined to the imperial Army where ladies are strictly prohibited but she lied to other and she pretend as a men. And Commander Tung (Donnie Yen) trained them. She already knows Chi (Martial Arts). This description was mentioned in Trailer so that i think it's don't spoil your movie experience. It's our unfortunate to we couldn't get a chance to watch in theaters. Watch it on big screen as possible. After revealing herself as a Mulan on regiment movie will be interesting more than first part.

    Her performance in this movie was perfect. Supporting characters performance also good. Jet li and Donnie Yen's performance was nice but they got few screen time i couldn't get their actions scenes as i expected. Jason Scott lee, Gong Li and Tzi Ma's performance was awesome. Story of this movie is simple and straightforward. Cinematography, background score, VFX are super. It's a Disney's movie.

My rating for this movie is  ★★★★☆ i am recommending this movie to watch.

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